The Practically Perfect Programmer

Bookbuster … has led a life that sounds much more interesting that it, in fact, really is, so she won’t bore you with it here too much. She likes summer, long walks on the beach, and people who buy her Margaritas.

Her Legion of Loyal Lieutenants

Arotulon …has lots of stuff, such as comics, bobble heads, t-shirts, records, magazines, action figures, paperbacks, board games, videos and Coca-Cola bottles. With so much stuff, he now blogs about it.

HelenKitty … has a fatal obsession with cuteness and all things Hello Kitty. Don’t let that deter you though, I’m also a friendly geek who knows heaps about all thing ‘internet’. I’m super excited about being a presenter in this brilliant course. =^.^=

The Library Elf … named for her short stature and seemingly constant presence in the Library, the library elf is most commonly found browsing the Shakespeare or poetry sections in the forest of the 800s. On occasion she has been known to venture as far as history, or philosophy. Harbouring a love of 70s music (i.e. an obsession with Fleetwood Mac) and all things medieval, the elf is often mistaken for one born in the wrong time. She will rant, on request, about these topics of interest.

Sapote …has always wanted to be part of a “legion”. She likes friends, family, books (of course!), music, etc. Like Ultimatelyuplifting, Sapote loves cakes but is much better at eating them than making them 😉
SJVC …welcomes you to 23 Things, and is looking forward to meeting you all. Working at UWA is great of course, but I love my precious weekends where I get the opportunity to catch up with friends over Facebook, read what my fav celebs are up to in the gossip blogs, see what my work mates are up to over the weekends via twitter and see my family’s latest pics on Flickr… plus so much more – hopefully by the end of 23 Things you will be doing the same!

Travelbug4eva …as her name suggests she’s addicted to travel. She’s traveled overseas since she was 5, (helps having British parents). Ask her where she hasn’t been – there is still a big list. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys scrapbooking, planning the next holiday, going to the footy (WCE member for 17 years +), socialising with friends and enjoying life to the MAX – full speed ahead. She’s worked in the Library for 11 years and still really enjoys it. Her favourite quote is – “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine.

Ultimatelyuplifting … is interested in keeping up with technology and her studies. Her hobby is icing and eating cakes, she likes movies, books , concerts, family, friends and food and wine. She has worked in the library for four years and thinks UWA is a great place to work.
worldinverted …loves music…either playing, discovering new bands or seeing live acts – currently into listening to online radio stations from around the world, helps having a job sitting in front of a computer all day. Would really like to be accessing the web technology more but sadly her home computer has died a final death – so currently unable to check up on the little sister in England via facebook or skype – this shall have to be rectified. Worldinverted’s other most favourite thing is summer and the beach, to be enjoyed with children, dog, friends & family. Enjoyed 23 things as made lots of friends, we even started a small wine bar club called The Barchivists – Arotulen writes a very informative blog about our adventures – and we tweet amongst ourselves quite a bit, now, would never have know what that meant before I did the 23 things program.

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