“Badware is software that fundamentally disregards a user’s choice regarding how his or her computer will be used. You may have heard of some types of badware, such as spyware, malware, or deceptive adware. Common examples of badware include free screensavers that surreptitiously generate advertisements, malicious web browser toolbars that take your browser to different pages than the ones you expect, or keylogger programs that can transmit your personal data to malicious parties.” – StopBadWare.org

Image Macro

An image macro (often simply called a macro) is a picture that has text superimposed on it. lolcats are perhaps the most famous example of these, though there are thousands of others, from ones that run in a kind of a squence (like the O RLY? owl or the lolrus) to one-offs.


This is an acronym for ‘Not Safe For Work’, and typically means that the content is explict, profane or otherwise likely to get you into hot water if you look at it at work.


A skin is a customised ‘look’ for a program or website/webpage (more at Wikipedia).


Pronounced whizzy-whig, this is an acroynym standing for ‘What You See is What You Get’.  It basically refers to editing tools that, more or less, allow you to see what the final product will look like when you’re done.  (more at Wikipedia).


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