14-23: Reflect Yourself

Think Back

Congratulations on reaching the end of the 23 Things at UWA!

For the final week, there’s just one last thing your Practically Perfect Programmer wants you to do: summarize your thoughts and reactions to what you’ve learned over the past weeks. Here are some suggestions for things you might like to talk about in your final blog post:

  • What was your favorite technologies, tools or activity?
  • What was your least favourite?
  • Do you have a different take on web-based technologies now?
  • Was there something in or about the program that really surprised you?
  • Did you meet your lifelong learning goals?

This week will also offer you the opportunity to ask questions that you never got the chance to ask or to explore technologies that you didn’t get a chance to play with in the program. It’ll also be a chance for those of you who still have a little way to go to play catch-up one final time.

Remember: you have until Friday, 24th December to complete the course. The Practically Perfect Programmer will be available over this time period to provide assistance, and is happy to arrange for some one-to-one sessions. However, to be ticked off as ‘complete’ on her magical check sheet, you’ll need to have:

  • Made ten posts to your blog covering the completion of at least 14 Things.  This must include posts on lifelong learning and final reflections.
  • Tweeted for 7 days (week eight)
  • Added one new topic and edited on topic on the 23 Things Wiki (week 6)

She will also be organising a morning tea in mid January to celebrate and hand out certificates and what not.

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  1. knickaboka Said:

    Thanks for a brilliant 14 weeks – have learnt lots and had fun doing so!

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