7-13: Flickring Away and Picasa

Finding and Uploading Images

Flickr and Picasa

Flickr is a photo hosting service. Basically, it acts as an online storage facility for your pictures. One of its larger roles on the web is to host images for bloggers. Flickr also allows you to easily sort and organise your photos, and assigns tags to them, so both you and other people can find them better. Users can comment on each other’s photos, and can also form groups. Groups have their own shared photo pool, and a discussion board for commentary.

Picasa allows you to easily organise, edit, and upload your photos. You can also share your photos and add tags to them.

Where can I find them?
Why should I use them?

Aside from the obvious uses of hosting images destined for the web and making it easy for your friends and family all around the world to see your holiday snaps, Flickr is a service that fits in well with the goal of making information and resources accessible to as wide an audience as possible. For example, numerous libraries, museums and other institutions have made part or all of their image collections available via Flickr’s Commons project.

Flickr is also a very good source of Creative Commons material that you can use – you can even limit your search of Flickr by CC License type. Likewise, thanks to the Commons project, it can also be a useful research tool.

Picasa provides you with many options in relation to organising and editing your photos. It allows you to resize your photos, sync them to the web, make a collage, add captions, use movie maker, map photos, print photos and add tags to your photos. Click here to find out more.

Check-out Picasa Web Albums for a quick and easy way to get photos from your camera and computer on to the web! Picasa Web Albums provides 1GB of free storage that makes sharing your photos quick and easy.

To Complete Thing 13

Choose one of the services (Flickr OR Picasa) and complete the tasks below.


1. Go to http://www.flickr.com/and create your account. You can take the magical feature tour if you like
2. Upload some photos. A camera or two will be available in the workshop. You can set your photos to be public or private
3. Add descriptions to your photos
4. Blog about your experience using Flickr



1. Open Picasa (this will be installed on your PC) (Google account login)
2. Ensure you have some images available to use in Picasa
3. Add a description to your images
4. Explore the edit image options available in Picasa including basic fixes, tuning and effects
5. Blog about your experience using Picasa and embed an image in your blog


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