4-9: Share your books with Library Thing

You know you’re a Library Thing

What is Library Thing?

The Wikipedia definition of Library Thing “is a social cataloguing web application for storing and sharing personal library catalogues and book lists”. It is free (200 books limit) to use and open to everyone. You create an account; add a bunch of books to your online collection, organise using tags and then (if you like) you can share them with other book lovers.

What is Tagging?

Tagging is adding a descriptive keyword or label to describe something. In Library Thing tags are used to describe your books.  You can use a wide variety of different tags, the choice is yours. You don’t need to be official (like library classification rules), you can use one keyword or a phrase, tagging is unlimited to each individual and your creativity. Placing tags online allows you to connect and share your interests with other online friends. Tagging can be done across all the things in the 23 Things program.

Why should I use Library Thing?

Everyone is using Library Thing – it’s easy, fun and the best book club in the world – “a community of 1,000,000 + book lovers”. It connects you to people who love doing what you do – reading books.  You can:

  • Find people with similar interests
  • Chat online with your favourite authors
  • Find new books to read
  • Write online reviews of your books
  • Leave comments and book suggestions for your friend connections
Library Thing @ UWA

Library Thing for Libraries” is awaiting IT time before it can be integrated into the Library’s catalogue.

The first video gives you a basic introduction to Library Thing:

While the 2nd one shows you how Library Thing works in a Library’s Catalog (American):

To complete Task
  1. Create a Library Thing account (using your gmail details). If you need help try taking the tour.
  2. Add some books from your personal library and tag them.
  3. See who else has the same books you do and how they’ve chosen to tag them.
  4. You may – but don’t have to – want to add some other participants or presenters as friends/contacts in Library Thing.
  5. Reflect in your blog on this.

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  1. Maharanistar Said:

    I am exited to join the gropu Library Thing. Once I started adding my favorite books I keep go on and on. I will write the review to interst other people to read those books.

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