20 – Slidecasting


Power Presentations

What is it?

As the name implies, ‘slidecast’ originally referred to a vodcast whose visual component was a slideshow.  More recently, it’s simply come to refer to the practice up uploading a slideshow presentation to the web.  The slidecast may or may not have an audio component.  A slidecast can also be a slideshow presented live over the internet, or a video recording of a live slideshow.

Why use it?

Slidecasting is a good way to share your presentations with others without having to reply on your audience having the right software or, heaven forbid, for you to have to print them out.  Slidecasts, like YouTube videos, can be embeded on pretty much any website but, unlike videos, can often allow users to interact with them – even if only to the extent of deciding when to move on to the next slide.

To Complete Task 20

  1. Sign up for an account at Slideshare.
  2. Upload this slideshow, or another, pre-existing slideshow, to the service.
  3. Embed the slidecast in your blog.

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