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Podcasting for Fun & Profit

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What is it?

Possibly the best way to think of a podcast is as a radio program, much like you’d hear on your drive home from work.  The difference is that, instead of having to tune in at a specific time to catch your favourite program, you can download it instead and listen to it whenever you want.  Some podcasts can contain audio and visual elements – these are called vodcasts.

Why use it?

You can apply many of the same arguments made for subscribing to RSS feeds to subscribing to podcasts; podcasting actually uses RSS, after all.  Many major broadcasters, particularly from radioland, have gotten behind the idea and release their own shows in podcast form – advertising and all.

Where do I find them?

Like blogs, there is no single good resource for finding podcasts that you’re intersted in, or, indeed, for hosting your own.  Some places you can find or search for podcasts include:

To Complete Thing 17:

Note:  You will most certainly need headphones this week!

  1. Open iTunes – you should find it under ‘all programs’ on your start menu.  You may have to go through a setup wizard.  If you have trouble with this, drop the Practically Perfect Programmer a line.
  2. Search for some podcasts on topics that you’re interested in, and subscribe to one.  A video on how to do this can be found here.
  3. Blog!

It’s worth noting that iTunes is, by no means, the only way to subscribe to postcasts, but we’ve gone with it for 23 Things for a few reasons:

  • it’s fairly easy to use
  • it has good selection of matrial a decent search engine
  • will play both audio and video inside the program, rather than requring you to open additional programs
  • UWA is part of the iTunesU program, so we should all have an idea how it operates


  1. aigbert Said:

    G’day bookbuster, I’ve caught up a bit now – perhaps it can be reflected on the participants page?

    • bookbuster Said:

      I’ve added a link to your twitter account – can you send me details of your delicious and librarything ones?

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