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How Not to Be Seen (online)

Creating a Pseudonym

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Why be yourself when you can be someone else? Half the fun of previous 23 Things has been trying to work out who’s who – who’s the movie snob, who posts phenomonal recipies or even *shudder* who’s the secret Collingwood supporter in the office. With that in mind you are all encouraged to pick a pseuodonym, alias, handle or nickname to use in week to when you set up your email and create your blog. It might be something that plays on your name (PlainJane), or your occupation (RefLib), a hobby or interest (StarWarsFan), or something else all together. Here are some resources if you’re stuck

  • Check Username Availability Check to see if your desired username is already in use at over 70 sites, including most of the ones we’ll be using for 23 Things.
  • Choosing and Internet Nickname An essay on chosing a unique nickname. Pretty informal and you should ignore all the links, but it contains some good advice
  • How Not to Choose a Handle The video essentially covers exactly what’s in the text, so just have a read of what’s written.
  • How to Come Up With A Nickname Ten tips on picking outa  nickname.
  • Behind the Name: Random Name Generator Behind the name is a very nifty resource in and of itself, but the name generator will create first, middle and surnames using names broken down into over 80 categories from African to Transformer. You can also browse the name database for names by meaning.
  • Rum & Monkey Username Generator Enter a name and the generator will, er, generate a username for you.
  • Seventh Sanctum A list of name generators – primarily fantasy
  • NewAlias Quickly generates some (really weird) nicknames
Privacy Tools & Resources

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As was (repeatedly) mentioned in the workshop on Tuesday, online privacy is something you should take seriously. Here are some tools wot may help you with this:

Holy Badware Batman!

Do Not Want

Badware, as I earlier quoted today, is “software that fundamentally disregards a user’s choice regarding how his or her computer will be used.” This was taken directly from, which is the place to visist to get more information about what badware is, how to avoid it, how to tell if you already have it and how to get rid of it. There are a fair few other resources out there as well, however.

  • Adaware Free adware removal software with a good reputation. I use this at home and run it roughly once a month.
  • Avast! Anti-Virus Free anti-virus software.
  • Spybot Search and Destroy Another free adware removal program – it sometimes catches things that Adaware misses (and, it must be said, vice versa).

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