08 – Tagging with Library Thing


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Share Your Library with Library Thing

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What is Library Thing?

Library Thing is something you’ve all probably heard of by now, particularly since there have been rumors of integrating Library Thing for Libraries into our own OPAC.

At its most basic level, Library Thing is an online book cataloguing service that anyone can use. The idea is that you create an account, add a bunch of books to your online collection, orgainse them using tags and then share them with other book lovers – or not, if you don’t want to.

Why should I use it?

Because, if you like books (which is probably a given), it’s a lot of fun. Also, it might well be the future of cataloguing. No – really.

Incidentally, you don’t have to watch both of the following videos (because they’re long), but they’re useful if you want more info about that last point. If you can only watch one, watch the first half because it’s a basic introduction to the service.

To Complete Task Eight:

  1. Create a Library Thing (new window) account. If you need help, try taking the tour (nw) or reading the very short introduction (nw).
  2. Add some books from your personal library to it, and tag them.
  3. See who else has the same books you do, and how they’ve chosen to tag them.
  4. You may – but don’t have to – want to add some of the other participants or presenters as friends/contacts in Library Thing.
  5. Reflect in your blog.

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