Week 3 Bonus Content

Bonus Content

Advanced Topics in Google Products

You can do quite a lot with the two google products we’ve introduced so far: gmail and google reader – more than we’ve been letting on. Well, this is certainly true of gmail, anyway – read and watch on (if you’ve got the time) to see some more of the nifty things you can do with the two products. Oh, and there’s iGoogle too.

Reader: Sharing

We covered this with several of you quickly today, but I know we missed some, so here’s a quick tutorial in how to share interesting reader finds with your friends. Don’t forget: you’ll want to add the people you want to share stuff with as contacts in gmail.


Several of you may already be using igoogle, which is, essentially, a customised homepage that shows up when you’re logged in to google. ‘Customised’ is the important word here, because you can add hundreds of useful (and not so useful) gadgets to your igoogle page.

If you go to ‘More Stuff’ and search for ‘google reader’, you’ll find a google reader gadget that you can stick on your homepage – you won’t even need to open up google reader any more!

Gmail: Filters & Labels

Where Outlook has folders, google has colour-coded labels – which is better because, unlike in outlook, you can give an email multiple labels. Filters are what gmail uses to decide what goes where. You can set up filters to archive, delete, label, star, or forward your mail all based on a combination of keywords, sender, recipients.

You might find that you want to set up a label for 23 Things – I know I have several!

gmail: Chat

One of the more notable features of gmail is that it it has an inbuilt chat program that’s fairly simple to use.


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