01- About the Program & Key Concepts


Read About the Program

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re one of the select few UWA Library guinea pigs staffers chosen to take part in our 23 Things Pilot Program, creatively entitled Ten Things. Or, well, I suppose you may be looking over someone’s shoulder, or have stumbled across this while looking for something else, or have gotten a trackback ping, or, heaven forbid, be one of our bosses.

Well, that’s all really beside the point. If you are one of the Chosen Few, there are a couple of tasks you need to complete in order to, er, complete your First Thing. These tasks are intended to make sure that you have an idea of what to expect from the program, and also have an idea of what we, the Practically Perfect Programmers expect from you.

To Complete Task 1

  • Read the About page
  • Check out the Timeline
  • Find time each week to dedicate yourself to the program and block it out on your calendar. You should budget at least an hour. If you’re having trouble, Kathryn Greenhill has some advice to offer in this regard.
  • Make sure you’re scheduled to attend the first workshop. This is the only one that you must attend, and we’ll try to make it worth your while. All the other workshops are voluntary.

Got all this? Now go to the second half of this week’s tasks, Thing #2.


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